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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Search database out of space -Event 52 (SharePoint Server 2010)

Alert Name: Search database out of space
Event ID: 52
Summary: Each search application depends on the following sets of databases for storing a specific type of content:
 One or more search property databases store metadata about the crawled items.
 One or more search crawl databases store information about when and where items were crawled.
 A search administration database stores information that is specific to managing the search application.

Symptoms: As more items are crawled, the size of the property and crawl database increases over time. At some point, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 might display the following symptoms:
 The crawl does not progress and seems to stall.
 The crawl logs show no new crawled documents.
 This event appears in the event log: Event ID: 52 Description: The database is out of space. Source:<data> Code:<data> occurred <data> time(s) Description: <data>

Cause: One or more search databases are out of disk space.
Resolution: Check storage space
1. Check the detailed error message for the location and name of the database. Use the following procedure on the server on which the instance of Microsoft SQL Server is running to determine whether the search database has adequate storage space available:
2. Start SQL Server Management Studio.
3. Log on and expand the Databases container.
4. Right-click the name of the database with the issue, and then click Properties.
5. On the General tab, click Size to determine the current file size.

Resolution: Move the search database

 After you create a larger storage space, move the search database to the new location by using the Detach and Attach functions of SQL Server, as described in KB 220071. 

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