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Monday, March 26, 2012


Step 1:

Go to Infopathà choose blank form

Step 2: Select container selection option and set Rules for Date

Step 3:

Right click the Date TextBox control and Go to Properties:

And set value: substring-before(now(), "T")

Step 4:

Right click the Time TextBox control and Go to properties:

And set value: substring-after(now(), "T")

Step 5:

In Data Tab à Click the submit option

Select the document library optionà Choose a data connection for submit à Add

Step 6:
Set File name: clickand select Insert Function and choose concat and select the fields like: concat("save", Date, "-", Time)

After the fields are set, click Next button and Finish.

Step 7:

Select File TabàPublishàSharepoint server and publish Your site.

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