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Thursday, January 13, 2011



MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

The scope of this application is facilitated and track effective communication between Admin and Company Stock Pointers who have an interest in donating their time to Stock Pointer and Users. The money will be earned by the user’s basis on the tree view process.

The below described are the users and functionalities of MLM.


Ø Administrator

Ø To distribute the recharge vouchers of all the companies providing cellular/mobile services.

Ø To provide self-employment opportunities to all the levels of people.

Ø To improvise the standard of the individuals who recharge their mobiles in this medium.

Ø Stock Pointer

Ø Interested candidates can register themselves to this Company and become the distributor.


Ø Users can earn by making 5 people join in this company. There are 7 stages in which the candidates earn money.

This project has been done in ASP.NET and C# under Microsoft SQL 2005.

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