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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sequential Vs State workflows, what is the difference?

Sequential Vs State workflows, what is the difference?
Sequential workflow is nothing like it sounds. It does not mean that there is a single thread of activity with fixed route from start to end. A sequential workflow can have parallel tasks, can branch depending on state, properties, user response…In this case sequential simple means that the workflow has a single start point follows through a number of steps to reach a goal.

State (machine) workflows basically mean a workflow whereby the core component (a task, a document…) can have a number of states (draft, for review, reviewed, released, approved) and the movement between each of those states is controlled, for example it may be inappropriate to move state between draft and approved without passing the other state first. State workflow has a start and a number of activities that govern state but do not necessarily have to have an end state i.e. Approval can be the best state for content but after approval it's entirely possible that the content may be reverted to draft for update.

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