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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Audience Targeting for a web part

Note: Audience Targeting is available only in MOSS not in WSS

Steps to target a web part:

1) Create User Profile

2) Create Audience Group

3) Apply Audience Targeting to the web part

Steps to create User Profile:

1) Open Central Administration Page of SharePoint

2) Click on SharedService1 (default name. otherwise go to MOSS Administration Page)

3) Click on User Profile and Properties

4) Click Add User Profile

5) Add the details you want

6) Click Save and Close

Steps to create Audience Group:

1) Open MOSS Administration Page

2) Click Audience

3) Give the details like name, description etc.

4) Add rules for that Audience group

5) Click OK

6) Click Compile Audience

Steps to apply Audience to a web part:

1) Open your SharePoint site where you want to target web part

2) Click on the arrow at the right side of the web part

3) Click Modify Shared Web part

4) Now a panel will be opened. Expand Advanced tab (last one)

5) At the bottom, you can see Target Audience

6) Give the name of Audience group you have created

7) Click Apply

8) Click Ok

9) Exit Edit Mode

Now login as a member of audience group then as a non-member ......... U can see the magic :)

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